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Ooredoo Maldives Accelerates “Ooredoo Next” Growth, Announces New Channel on Its Digital Engagement Platform, In Partnership With


Ooredoo announced today sustained growth, positive business impact and a new social media channel for its Ooredoo Next digital engagement platform developed in partnership with, a Silicon Valley tech company revolutionizing engagement in the 4-billion customer pre-paid mobile market. Supported by a real-time API platform featuring artificial intelligence and machine learning, Ooredoo NEXT allows mobile users in the Maldives to easily engage with Ooredoo inside social media channels such as Viber, Facebook (NewsAlert) Messenger and check best offers, best data add-ons or just manage their Ooredoo services using real-time automated answers.

Ooredoo Maldives CEO, Najib Khan said: “With the launch Ooredoo Next we pioneered digital transformation and opened this innovation to all mobile users in the Maldives. In just 5 months from launch, Ooredoo Next features fast-paced growth, attracting higher-value users and significantly increases loyalty to Ooredoo brand. We use this state of the art platform to engage with our customers in a new way, tailored to their needs. Today we announce Ooredoo Next will come to Viber, one of the most popular social platforms in the Maldives.”

Augie K. Fabela II, Co-Founder and CEO, Inc. said: “We are bringing Silicon Valley user experience to the Telco world. With a simple swipe and tap, mobile pre-paid customers can now activate top-ups, promotions and manage their account inside Messenger and Viber: where customers spend most of their mobile Internet time. Our results with Ooredoo Next show that the future of mobile engagement lies inside social and messaging networks and our platform makes this possible to every mobile carrier world-wide.”

Ooredoo Next key business impact:

  • 40% month-on-month growth of Monthly Active Users
  • 80% of Ooredoo Next users are frequent users
  • 10 times more efficient digital marketing campaigns for Ooredoo inside new digital channel *
  • Ooredoo Next is available to any Maldives users of Facebook Messenger
  • Starting March 2018, Ooredoo Next will be also available in Viber Messenger

* compared to average Ooredoo SMS campaigns

Full details are available at the link below:

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