One who abuses their power is the most traitorous to the nation– President Yameen – Press Releases

Speaking at a function organised by the Progressive Party of Maldives this evening, President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom has stated that one who abuses his power, and submits the country to dangerous circumstances, is the most traitorous to the nation.

The President was accompanied at the function by First Lady Fathimath Ibrahim.

Speaking at the function, the President rhetorically asked who would be the most loyal to the country at times of crisis. Continuing in this regard, the President reiterated that it was the duty and obligation of the Head of State to safeguard the country and its interests in all situations. President Yameen further reassured that he would never let the country be caused any damage.

In his speech, President Yameen highlighted that ensuring the supremacy of the Maldivian Constitution was an obligation of every State institution, including the Supreme Court. He further noted that the Constitution bestows an absolute authority upon the Head of State, to steer the country on a safe passage.

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Source URL: The President's Office

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