News in Brief: 15:00 12.03.2017


This Dhivehi language video was aired by local TV station Raajje TV.

The following topics were covered:

  • JSC has decided to not investigate the alleged case of the video of Supreme Court Justice and the chair of JSC Hon. Uz. Ali Hameed Mohamed engaging in sexual activities with a prostitute.
  • Elections Commission: 13 Candidates have been elected to their respective Councils of their running, for the upcoming elections on 15 April 2017.
  • MDP’s Economic Committee’s Deputy Chair Ibrahim Hameed claims that there isn’t enough money to buy even one month’s worth of staple food in the nation’s reserve.
  • Jumhooree Party has said that Elections Commission has ordered to change their flag.
  • IGMH has asked the public to avoid taking children under 12 years when visiting patients in the hospital for now.
  • MNDF denies claims that they have stopped extending security detail to Former President and PPM’s President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom.

Source URL: RaajjeTelevision

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