News in Brief: 1200, 28 February 2018

This Dhivehi language video was aired by local TV station Raajje TV.

The following topics were covered:

Maldives has condemned Israel and called for their withdrawal from the illegally occupied territories of Palestine.

Home minister Ahmed Azleen says that the entire institution of the Police should not be blamed for wrongs done by individuals of the police force.

Police commissioner Hussain Areef has said that due to lack of proper information in serving the public, some of the members of the  police have committed wrongs.

The ruling PPM has gained the title of the party with the largest membership not by hard work, but by abusing the majority they hold in the parliament, says MDP’s Secretary General Anas Abdul Sattar

Member of Parliament for Galholhu North Constituency, Mr. Ahmed Mahloof serving a jail sentence, has been taken back to Maafushi jail upon his return Monday night, after getting medical treatment abroad.

Source URL: RaajjeTelevision

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