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New STO potato shipment to hit the market tomorrow

As the price of potato continues to climb on the Maldivian market, the State Trading Organization (STO) has brought in a new shipment of potato.

The Senior Manager of the STO Super Mart, Hamdhoon Saeed told Sun Media today that a shipment of potato was brought on a ship that arrived in the country last night. He said that shipment is the stock of seven days and is the third shipment of potato imported by STO for this Ramadan.

Hamdhoon said that they are working to clear the shipment from the Customs tonight and bring it to the market by tomorrow morning.

Similar to the past Ramadans, STO has brought in shipments of onion, potato and eggs. The STO price of a kilogram of potato is MVR 9. A sack of potato for MVR 200 and MVR 190 a sack if someone is buying more than 50.

However, in the past few days, the scarcity of potato skyrocketed the price to MVR 20 per kilogram.

Hamdhoon said that when the new shipment hits the markets there would be an added MVR 10 to the price of a sack due to the change of price on the global market. But it is considered a very small change.

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