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Nasheed and Qasim ordered to appear at the police for evading sentence

Former President, Mohamed Nasheed and the Jumhooree Party Leader,
Qasim Ibrahim, who is sentenced to prison has been ordered to appear
at the police station for evading their sentences.

While a summoning order has been sent to two via Twitter, it states that
they were both allowed to go abroad for medical treatment while
serving their prison sentences. And that the duration of that leave
has expired and they have refused to return to the country.

It also said that they are being summoned for statements in relation
to evading the sentences.

Ex-President Nasheed is ordered to appear at 10 a.m. next Monday and
Qasim is ordered to appear at 2 p.m.

An announcement made by the police along with the summon order saying
that if they cannot appear at the station due to a legitimate, the
police need to be informed in written an hour before the deadline.
Failure to appear at the station would result in action under Articles
530 and 533 of the Penal Code.

Article 530 is in relation to Obstruction of Justice and Article 533
is related to obstructing the implementation of the law.

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