Nadheem’s murder suspect served time for violating monicon order

A suspect arrested Thursday night in connection with a fatal stabbing in the capital was released from prison in April after serving a one-year term for violating a ‘monitoring and control’ order.

Mohamed Mafaz Hussain Saleem was among 11 alleged gang members tagged with electronic tracking devices in March last year after the High Court granted the first ‘monicon’ orders to the police.

When the suspect’s identity was revealed in local media, the police faced criticism on social media with questions raised over his release.

But contrary to media reports suggesting that Mafaz should have been in pre-trial detention, the police told the press on Sunday that he had served a one-year sentence handed by the High Court for violating the monicon order.

Mafaz, whom the police previously characterised as a repeat offender that posed a threat to society, was arrested after a raid on the Jelly Fish house in the Galolhu ward of the capital.

He was arrested in connection with the murder of a 24-year-old man on July 27.

Nadheem Abdul Rahman, from the northern island of Thakandhoo in Haa Alif atoll, was stabbed in the head by a group of masked men inside the Terminal Cafe in Malé.

He died of severe head injuries while undergoing treatment at the ADK hospital.

Last week, the police also arrested 12 suspects in connection with the brutal murder of 25-year-old Mohamed Anas, who was stabbed to death a day after Nadheem passed away.

The fatal stabbings came amid a spike in violent crimes in Malé during recent weeks.

Home Minister Azleen Ahmed meanwhile told reporters earlier this month that new monicon orders have not been issued since he took over from his predecessor Umar Naseer.

The monicon orders required the alleged gang members to stay home between 10 pm and 6 am and seek the home minister’s permission to leave the capital.

The police were also authorised to conduct surveillance and intercept communications.

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