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My Report: Those who were unable to sleep as our land is being sold are hiding in their burrows today!

This Dhivehi language video was aired by local TV station Raajje TV.

A report by Ahmed Muhsin

The narrator says that he has tried to remain without expressing his feelings, but is now saying this, as it has become unbearable, and that he has waited for a long time hoping that those people who came out and did something [before] will again take action. He also says that he had waited, hoping that the same people will again give the reasons for him and others to participate in protest under their leadership.

He goes on to say that, historically, Maldivians have not tolerated any form of occupation. “Those who ruled for brief periods such as the Malabars, The Pichories  and even the Portuguese rulers, were Muslims like us, and yet we did not tolerate them.  The reason:  anyone taking over our own land was something totally unacceptable.” He says that these historical facts are not something the narrator is saying, but it’s something he heard from the very people who came out in protest very recently [referring to the protests over Male airport and GMR].

He also points out that even though the Bora traders revolutionised the Maldives economy and though Maldives saw a lot of development  coming through them, their elders did not tolerate them, as they feared the Boras may take over the country, and that Maldivians will “not let even a grain of our sand be owned by a foreigner.”

The report (narrated in first person) also  highlights that the real reason behind today’s development in Addu City was the English who had [previously] stayed there. He goes on to describe that the English gave employment to a lot of people and also undertook major infrastructure projects, and talks of the runway at Gan international airport as a living example. He says the English were asked to leave not because Maldivians were scared they will marry the beautiful women of Addu but because they may strengthen themselves and create a new government for the south of Maldives. He adds that Davy [The British Representative at the time, Humphrey A. Arthington-Davy], the representative of England, was chased out by women who came out as leaders of the protest. He also says that says that parents tell their children these stories to instill nationalism in the hearts of the young.

According to the narrator [referring to the short-lived management of the former Ibrahim Nasir International Airport],  with the slogan “GMR Go Home,” these people went on to foul mouth even India, took to Dhonis and even tried to overrun the airport island Hulhule. All this while GMR was continuously upgrading the airport and had undertaken a lot of civil works, such as reclamation of land for the new terminal and improvement of existing facilities in the airport. He said that, night after night, people gathered at the artificial beach to protest while leaving their families at home, as they believed in the leaders of the protest movement that this was of national importance, even when GMR had made advance payments (for their lease of the airport) for 25 years.

According to the narrator, people were blind to see the progress being made, as the leaders have indoctrinated the public into believing that this is what even those who lived before did, in order to protect Maldives’ sovereignty, even when they had nothing to eat and had to resort to Magoo leaves.

The narrator concludes that he is in shock and is baffled that now, no one is coming out in protest, and questions the hypocrisy he sees in those leaders. How they rallied people to chase out a company who was tasked to develop and run the airport for 25 years and yet nothing is being said today, when a part of the Maldives is being sold. He says today, they they are not telling people not to give up even an inch and he is sad that he had not known the real intention of those leaders who came out then. He says he himself will not remain with those hypocrites.

Source URL: RaajjeTelevision

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