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Muizzu: Nullifying election results will not harm Maldives

If the Supreme Court nullifies results of the presidential elections, it will not harm the Maldives in any way, says Minister of Housing and Infrastructure, Dr Mohamed Muizzu.

Muizzu made the comment during an interview to TVM last Tuesday night regarding the petition filed by President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom to nullify the results of the presidential elections held in the Maldives on September 23.

Supreme Court concluded hearings in the case last Tuesday, and the country is now braced for its verdict.

Speaking during the interview to TVM, Muizzu said he was confident the country will be unharmed from any foreign pressure which might result if the Supreme Court makes the decision to nullify the results of the election.

“I am very confident a decision by the court otherwise [to nullify the results] will not affect the Maldives. It’s not how the international community works,” said Muizzu.

He said the Maldivian people, therefore, need not worry about comments by the opposition coalition that a decision to nullify the results of the presidential elections could result in major repercussions to the Maldives.

Muizzu said Yameen had proved his integrity to the Maldivian people during his past five years in office. And that his petition to nullify the results of the election was for the sake of the Maldivian people.

Feydhoo MP Ibrahim Didi, who joined Muizzu in the interview to TVM, said he was confident the Supreme Court’s verdict will be favorable to ruling Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) – which lost to the opposition coalition’s candidate Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (Ibu) during the recent presidential elections.

MP Ibrahim Didi said PPM had provided sufficient evidence to the court to support their claim the vote was rigged. And that supporters of Yameen and PPM will receive justice

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