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Muizzu: Drainage system tampered with in condemnable attack

The drainage system in Male’ City has been tampered with, alleges Minister of Housing and Infrastructure, Dr Mohamed Muizzu, as the capital faces a case of extensive flooding due to heavy rain.

Muizzu tweeted this Tuesday that individuals have damaged panel boards in multiple storm weather system pump stations and cut off electricity supply to multiple pump stations.

He condemned the ‘uncivilized’ act of the culprits.

Muizzu wrote in a separate tweet that the storm weather system installed in Male’ City has the capacity to drain flood water within three hours, but that damage to the system has rendered it ineffective.

He apologized to the residents of Male’ City for the inconvenience.

Pedestrians make their way through a flooded street in Male’ City. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

“I make sincere apologies to residents,” tweeted Muizzu.

It has been raining since dawn over Male’ City this Tuesday resulting in extensive flooding in the streets. The extensive flooding has drawn criticism towards the Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure.

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