Mr. Mohamed Thowfeequ | Executive Director of Bright Brothers Private Limited

Mr. Mohamed Thowfeequ is the Executive Director and one of the two founding brothers of ‘Bright Brothers Private Limited’, a highly successful and dynamic company which specializes in providing a well-integrated range of air-conditioning services and mass-market consumer products. Founded in 1984 and initially operated out of a back room of their house, Bright Brothers’ history has been one of consistent and successful growth.

How did you begin your career?

I am, by profession, a marine engineer, having studied at the World Maritime University. I was among the second batch of O’level students in the Maldives. After finishing school, I took up the sailing life, as an engineer (training) and eventually worked my way up to Chief Engineer. I returned to Maldives after the birth of my first child. During this time, my brother Samad had been trained in Singapore in Refrigeration and Air-conditioning on a scholarship and became the Ref Engineer in the company now known as MIFCO.

The beginning of Bright Brothers was just my brother and I deciding to do some extra work; we gathered some tools at home and started working. During that time, there was almost no air-conditioning work to be done, most of our work revolved around refrigeration. We didn’t have a workshop as such, so we would take fridges and freezers into our living room to work on them. We both had regular jobs, I myself was employed at the Ministry of Transport. So, it was just the both of us, doing odd jobs after our regular jobs were done.

To be frank, I didn’t know anything about air-conditioning in the beginning, but as a person with a technical background, it was easy for me to grasp the concepts from my brother. We kept working this way, and our business grew until we realized that we needed more help, so we recruited a ref mechanic full-time so we can be operational in the morning too.

Our first shop was opened in STO Trade Center in 1995, called ‘Bright Brother Showcase’ retailing air-conditioner and refrigeration spare parts. Getting spares was a big problem at that time, so it was actually helpful for the rest of the people getting into this business as well.

We expanded and grew, eventually moving onto appliances and then to home improvement goods. Currently, we have 3 Agora outlets, the Bright Brothers Showcase on Fareedhee Magu, refrigerator service center in Male’ and Hulhumale’ and Argo (Kudahuvadhoo Ice Plant) to name some. We have delved into several industries throughout the years and I am happy to say we have been very successful.

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