Mr. Aimon Jameel | Managing Director of Centurion Public Limited Company

Mr. Aimon Jameel is the Managing Director of Centurion Public Limited Company, a third party logistics company providing reliable, efficient and organized logistical solutions to individuals and businesses in the Maldives.

Over the course of his career, Mr. Aimon Jameel has served several important positions within the industry, such as Board Member of the Maldives Ports Authority, Managing Director and later the Chairman of Maldives National Shipping Limited. Corporate Maldives sat down with this pioneer of the shipping industry to talk about the difficulties and successes of his shipping career which span over 35 years, and about his aspirations for the future. 

How did you begin your career?

My shipping career began in 1981 when I joined Maldives National Shipping Limited as a clerk. I have been in the shipping industry since then, making this my 36th year in the industry. In 1981, there weren’t much career options; either we join the army or we join one of the government companies. We were required to serve the government for 2 years, and I joined Maldives National Shipping because I had aspirations to become a sailor or an engineer. I was very interested in traveling, and 2 years later I was sent to London where I spent 5 years studying Ship Management, trained as a broker and spent over a decade in Singapore and Sri-Lanka as I continued working in Maldives National Shipping.

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