MPL crowned – Joozan’s final match hat trick overshadowed Police Club once again

Fathimath Joozan Zareer of Maldives Ports Limited (MPL) scored a hat-trick in the final match to defeat Police Club 4-3, to double their glory of Milo 18/30 Women’s Futsal Fiesta (WFF) for a second consecutive time. Fathimath Saliya’s bravery and the goalkeeper Azam Akhondi’s tireless efforts to thwart Police Club from equalizing deep in the second half, well defined their hunger to decorate the trophy cabin.

Statistics spoke in favour of Police Club ahead of the final match, in terms of scoring and creating chances. However, they were unable to take that as an advantage in the final against MPL, who had a better defensive record in the tournament.

Besides the final match hat-trick of Joozan, she also scored a hat-trick against Dhivehi Sifainge Club (DSC) in the semi-final when they beat them 6-2 to progress to the final.

Joozan celebrating her second goal of the night

Police began the game stronger and took the lead in the opening minutes from a goal by Fathimath Sheeneez (Shiminy), after receiving a cross from Sawitree Mamyalee.

MPL slowly began to come back into the game and they were deadly when Saliya ran in front with the ball. They scored the equalizer when she gained possession from an attack of Police. She ran halfway to assist Joozan, who scored her first goal of the night.

Saliya then took the lead for MPL, a few minutes later from a counter attack again.

Fathimath Saliya on the ball

On the stretch, Saliya also created a chance to extend the lead. But, Aminath Shamila was unfortunate to convert the chance.

MPL succeeded in extending their lead with another goal from Joozan, when Sahar Zamanifard assisted her with a perfect ball.

Shortly after MPL made it 3-1, Faathimath Zahira (Zaappo) of Police Club was able to score a goal from a half-chance to make it 3-2.

MPL was close to extending their lead again, however, the goalkeeper of Police Club, Aminath Leeza was keen to stop Shamila from registering a goal from a free kick. She also stopped Sahar from the free kick’s rebound, and then from a one-on-one opportunity. Sahar was also denied by the goal post twice in the first half.

Sawitree equalized for Police Club just after the restart, but Joozan, who had a tournament to remember for the rest of her life, completed her hat-trick of the final to take back the lead for MPL.

Joozan celebrating after scoring

Police Club created more chances in the second half in search of an equalizer. But extremely focused Azam Akhondi never let a ball pass by her into the goal net. Sawitree attempted several times from distance, but they were not enough to find another equalizer. Azam also succeeded in stopping Sawitree on a one-on-one chance.

Finally, MPL won their consecutive title to remain as the women’s superpower of futsal.

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