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MP Mahloof’s family demands to know his whereabouts

Police taking Mahloof aside from a rally.

Police taking Mahloof aside from a rally. PHOTO/ALI NISHAN/MIHAARU

Detained MP Ahmed Mahloof’s family has requested the police to inform them why he was abruptly brought to Male late Tuesday night, in secrecy.

Mahloof’s wife Nazra Naseem tweeted to Police demanding for an explanation of his whereabouts. She said that she only found out about her husband being brought to Male after pictures began circulating social media. She added that there is no reason for Mahloof to be brought to Male in the middle of the night.

There were rumours on social media say ing he was brought to Male for medical treatment; however, the police had not confirmed this.

The Galolhu-South MP was arrested from an opposition rally protesting the government’s refusal to follow through with the Supreme Courts’ order on February 1 to release nine political prisoners and to reinstate 12 parliamentarians.

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