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Motorcyclist sustains head injury after helmet gets thrown off in a traffic collision

A helmet-clad motorcyclist sustained head injuries in a traffic collision on the Hulhumale’ Highway just after midnight this Monday.

Maldives Police Service says the traffic collision was reported to the agency at 12:10 am.

The motorcyclist, identified as a 35-year-old male, was transported to the ADK Hospital for treatment.

An eye witness reported to ‘Sun’ that the collision took place when a pickup drove into the motorcycle lane to overtake other vehicles, and two other motorcycles attempted to overtake the pickup.

“One of the motorcycles swerved and the man driving the vehicle got thrown off. The helmet also got thrown off [the man]. I saw blood,” reported the eye witness.

The motorcyclist remains hospitalized, but the extent of his injuries is unclear at this point.

New regulations making it compulsory for motorcyclists and passengers on the Sinamale’ Bridge and Hulhumale’ Highway to wear helmets kicked in on March 10. The traffic collision this Monday marks the first reported head injury to a motorcyclist in any traffic collision on the Hulhumale’ Highway and Sinamale’ Bridge since the regulation kicked in.

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