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More support for Maldivian tuna fisheries

22 Feb 2017

Ensis Fisheries PVT Ltd and Maldives Quality Seafood PVT Ltd have joined the International Pole & Line Foundation IPNLF

Maldivian tuna supply chain companies Ensis Fisheries PVT Ltd and Maldives Quality Seafood PVT Ltd have become the latest members of the International Pole & Line Foundation (IPNLF), in order to further develop their supply chains.

The companies join IPNLF’s growing member network, which helps to ensure that the demand for one-by-one caught tuna can be met without compromising the sustainability of the fisheries.

Mohamed Waseem Ismail, managing director of Ensis, said: “We are delighted to join the International Pole & Line Foundation membership network – their support of the Maldives one-by-one fisheries has made a tremendous, positive impact on the local fisheries and the businesses and coastal communities they support.”

Ensis is a major tuna processing company that exports fresh and frozen products to the international market. In addition to its fresh tuna business, the company is building a facility to produce shelf-stable products which will be operational in the fourth-quarter of 2017.

Maldives Quality Seafood (MQS) is a handline fishing operation based in Kaafu Atoll, in the Maldives archipelago, sourcing responsible handline yellowfin tuna and supplying it to the international market. It is also the first Fair Trade Certified producer of seafood in the country.

For IPNLF, the Maldivian fisheries have been one of the main priorities from the outset.

Most recently, it launched a new Fisheries Information System (FIS) to fulfil all of its latest international traceability requirements with regards to catch and vessel reporting.

These measures are providing the ideal platform for the Maldives to capitalise on its huge international demand for sustainable one-by-one caught tuna.

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