Moosa: Parliament decision shouldn’t be stopped by Supreme Court

Deputy Speaker of the Parliament, Reeko Moosa Manik, has said that he does not believe that the Supreme Court should be able to overrule the laws passed by the Parliament. 

Speaking at a press conference on Thursday about resuming the Parliament after a long break, Moosa said that the Parliament should not become an institution run by the Supreme Court and it makes the separations of powers of state very convoluted

Supreme Court has overruled some of the laws passed by the Parliament in the past. 

Moosa said that instead of passing a ruling on the entire law if a change has to be made, the Supreme Court should pass a ruling on a specific section of a law and advise a review which the Parliament can follow up on. 

Noting that the Parliament is the strongest institution of an independent state, Moosa said that if there is an issue with any laws passed, other institutions should review them and discuss with the parliament for the solution. 

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