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MNDF urges vigilance in light of high volume of fire incidents

Maldives National Defense Force’s Fire and Rescue Service has urged greater public vigilance in light of the high volume of fires reported to the authority over the last four months.

In a press conference held this Thursday by Commander of MNDF’s Fire and Rescue Service, Colonel Abdulla Ibrahim stated that within the last four months 86 cases of fires were reported to them and most of the cases were due to accidents while cooking and electrical overload.

He stated that Fire and Rescue received 4,508 calls within the last four months, and 446 calls were made to seek information, while 153 calls were made to inform the authority about fire incident.

“We really urge you not overload the sockets when you are using electricity. Instead of three pin plugs use bar adaptor plugs. And check the electrical wiring of the building at least once a year,” said Abdulla Ibrahim.

From the press conference held by MNDF’s Fire and Rescue Service on April 11, 2019. (Sun/Photo/Ahmed Awshan Ilyas)

Abdulla Ibrahim also urged not to make any modifications to the electrical wiring of buildings without the assistant of a professional. He said that such modifications if done wrong may lead to fires.

“So, we ask the public to use electricity safely and to take the necessary measures to prevent such incidents,” said the Commander.

Abdulla Ibrahim said that area commands of MNDF and Fire and Rescue has conducted a number of awareness programs regarding fire safety across the Maldives.

“We have conducted 49 awareness programs and taught 2,063 participants about fire safety,” stated the Commander.

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