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MNDF assures commitment to ensure safety of citizens

The Chief of Defense Force, Abdulla Shamal has stated that the national defence force will do all that is necessary to ensure the safety and protection of the people from the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a news briefing held Tuesday, Abdulla Shamal assured that the defence force will remain steadfast in serving the people. During the current vulnerable and global crisis, the national defence force of the Maldives is determined and will continue to work for the safety and security of the people, said Shamal.

The national defence force has been playing a leading role in transporting patients and people who have symptoms of the virus, operating sea-ambulance, and maintaining quarantine and isolation facilities. They have been working jointly with other relevant authorities.

“I assure the citizens of the Maldives the full commitment of the national defence force at all levels, to protect the public from COVID-19,” said Shamal.

Shamal revealed that an exercise has been conducted on Tuesday to prepare for a situation where a person infected with COVID-19 is detected in the Male’ region. This is the first time a humanitarian operation conducted at such a scale in the recent history of the Maldives, said Shamaal.

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