MMPRC to court again over MVR160 mln owed by private firm


Allam Latheef :one share holder of SOF

Mohamed Allam Latheef : a shareholder of SOF

Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) has re-filed a lawsuit to obtain MVR 160 million owed to the state from S.O.F Pvt Ltd, a company which is said to have been involved in the corruption case of MMPRC.

S.O.F had deposited MVR 1.22 billion of MMPRC in an account and distributed it among various parties. MMPRC stated that MVR 160 million is owed to the corporation according to the agreement made between the two firms.

Previously, the case was thrown out of the court as MMPRC had not attending a hearing.

The case is currently in the Dispute Resolution division of the Civil Court.

MMPRC stated that they were unable to attend the hearing due to an administrative error.

Jailed former Vice President Ahmed Adheeb’s close friend Mohamed “Moho” Allam Latheef, who is currently on the run from the law, is a stakeholder of S.O.F. He is the main suspect behind a stash of weapons and explosives hidden in Baa atoll Hibalhidhoo island, which were discovered during the investigation into the blast aboard the presidential speedboat in September 2015.

The MMPRC scandal is the largest case of corruption in the Maldives history, where MVR 1.2 billion worth of funds received as acquisition costs via island leases for resort development had been embezzled through the corporation.

The Anti-Corruption Commission is still investigating the embezzlement.

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