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MIRA to resume counter services on July 5


Maldives Inland Revenue Authority (MIRA), on Monday, declared that the institution would resume counter services from July 5, after being shut down as a safety measure over the lockdown to contain the spread of COVID-19.

According to MIRA’s announcement, throughout the first week after opening, the institution will only collect non-tax related revenue. MIRA also extended the payment deadlines to July 16.

From the second week of resuming counter services, the institution will begin accepting tax payments and statements, in addition to other fees.

MIRA extended the tax payment deadlines to July 23, although this extension only applies to those who had earlier requested to make their payments from April 15 onwards.

The deadline for parties initially notified to submit their tax statements and tax payments online, during the period of closure or within the first three weeks after opening, was extended to July 23 as well.

MIRA also noted that Business Profit Tax (BPT) statements and payments for the year 2019 must be submitted before August 16.

Moreover, the institution announced that the first interim statement and interim payments required under the Income Tax Bill must be submitted by August 31.

However, MIRA noted that the aforementioned deadlines may change based on decisions made by the Health Protection Agency (HPA) depending on the evolving situation of the country.

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