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MIRA receives MVR 1.3 Billion as revenue


Maldivian government received over MVR 1.3 Billion in revenue through MIRA as of February 2018.

MIRA’s generalised public income statement stated that 1.3 billion revenue this year, is a rise of 19.4% from February 2017. MIRA also received MVR 54.5 Million as income from USD as of February 2018.

MIRA stated that the increase in income is due to rise in GST and Green Tax, resulting in  MVR 77.35 million from green tax. Maldivian government implemented Airport development fee as of February 2018. Airport Service Charged resulted in income of MVR 65.6 Million.

MIRA’s biggest income generator is GST at 63.7% followed by Corporate Tax at 9.8%.

Source URL: Corporate Maldives

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