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Minister Aslam: Changes to be brought to land reclamation projects

Planning and Infrastructure Minister Mohamed Aslam has announced changes that are to be brought to how the government land reclamation projects are carried out. The Minister stated that these changes would see the process of constructed coastline harbour layers be completely erased.

Speaking at the Parliament’s Committee on National Development and Heritage on Thursday, Minister Aslam stated that the process up until now had included the construction of harbour coastlines that were constructed without too much designing. Speaking of alternatives, The Minister pointed to how resorts are created by reclaiming the land where a coastline made of beaches are created.

“There isn’t a large harbour coastline. The beach covers most of the area, however, a layer of protection is usually constructed to protect the beach.” Said the Minister.

The Minister also shared the plans formulated for land reclamation in K. Maafushi, with the Committee. These plans showed that land would not be reclaimed from the Maafushi lagoon, and will be reclaimed land from the opposite side with breakwaters being constructed. He also stated that a beach would be created between the breakwaters.

“If a beach is constructed, space would have to be left between the beach and the locality, which cannot be developed. However, if a harbour layer is constructed, then the development can be brought right up to the shoreline. But the island’s beauty and richness can only be attained with a beach,”

“Land is not the only important factor, if it comes in a specific form, it has a lot more value, and this will be our notion when carrying out land reclamation projects.” Said the Minister, who stated that having a beach would increase the value of an island at a time when the guesthouse tourism business is booming.

The Minister also stated that some difficulties were being faced in reclaiming land on some islands due to a lack of space and that alternative methods for these islands would be researched.

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