Military must protect nation from internal power struggles: Yameen


President Abdulla Yameen speaks at a ceremony. FILE PHOTO/MIHAARU

The military must protect the Maldives from forces within the nation that commit unconstitutional acts in their greed for power, declared President Abdulla Yameen on Saturday.

In his address to mark the 126th anniversary of Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF), Yameen proclaimed that the military are mandated to defend the nation not only against foreign adversaries but also those that arise from within amidst the current political turbulence in the country.

He described the landmark ruling issued by the Supreme Court on February 1, which called to free nine high profile political prisoners, as a dangerous attack on the nation. He praised the military for the courage and bravery they demonstrated that day.

The president went on to say that there have been a surge in revolts against the country by manipulating important state powers. He accused previous leaders and top state officials of participating in such conspiracies and calling on foreign military forces to invade the Maldives.

Yameen added that their attempts to join with external forces to disparage the Maldives and Maldivians, and bring other religions to the Muslim country, were blatant attacks on Islam in the Maldives.

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