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Mega Maldives ordered to pay over USD 200K to private companies

The Civil Court has ordered the bankrupt Maldivian international airline Mega Maldives to pay over USD 200,000 to Amexline Travels Private Limited and Sunny Suites Maldives Private Limited for their services.

The verdict was issued in response to a lawsuit filed by Amexline and Sunny Suites – which are run by the same owner. The companies claim Mega Maldives failed to settle payments for services the companies rendered for delay passengers and rent payment for the airline’s staff.

Wisham & Co. LLP, the firm hired to liquidate the airline’s assets, originally denied the claim made by the two companies at court.

The summary of the court case reads that Amexline submitted e-mails and transaction history as evidence to court. And Mega Maldives was provided the opportunity to respond to the evidence, but failed to show up at court, no reason provided.

The trial went ahead in absentia.

The summary of the court case reads Mega Maldives sent an email in August, 2017, conceding the airline owed the money claimed by Amexline and Sunny Suites

The court ordered Mega Maldives to pay USD 192,023.64 for services it its delay passengers by Amexline and USD 35,400 for accommodation provided to the airline’s staff at Sunny Suites.

The airline is therefore required to pay total USD 227,423.64 to Amexline and Sunny Suites within 11 days, starting from last Wednesday.

Mega Maldives, which shut down its operations due to financial difficulties, has been riddled with lawsuits, including lawsuits by more than 60 of its staff.

Full details are available at the link below:

Source URL: Sun.mv

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