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Media threatened with legal action for reporting prisoner statements

The Maldives Correctional Service has threatened action against media outlets that cover prisoner statements.

The MCS said Monday night that publishing stories related to statements issued by detainees was against regulations in the Jails and Parole Act.

“We are taking legal action against those who publicise such things [statements from detainees] and those who are responsible for the publishing of such content in the media,” it said in a statement.

The MCS statement, referencing two regulations about detainees, said it was a violation to publish or broadcast statements, interviews or quotes from prisoners.

But neither regulation referred to in the statement mentions the media nor specifies actions that can be taken against the media.

A spokesman for the MCS, when contacted by the Maldives Independent, was unable to say what was being referred to in the statement.

The statement follows several stories based on comments from the jailed former vice president Ahmed Adeeb and his lawyers.

Full details are available at the link below:

Source URL:  Maldives Independent

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