Media has vast potential to act as catalyst towards nation-building – Vice President – Press Releases

Vice President Abdulla Jihad has stated that media has the vast potential of acting as a catalyst towards nation-building. The Vice President stated this while addressing the opening ceremony of the 16th Asia Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development (AIDB) General Conference.

In his speech, the Vice President stated that Media enables a participatory form of democracy and governance; it can also be interpreted as the fourth pillar of democracy he said.

The Vice President highlighted that social media offers a level of flexibility that traditional media does not, and that the main distinguishing feature of new media, and social media, is the much higher level of interaction.

To conclude his speech, the Vice President thanked AIDB for the organizations’ continuous support in providing consultancy, assistance and training opportunities to build media professionals in all member countries.

Full details are available from the link below:

Source URL: The President's Office

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