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MDP: Deeply concerned over Suood’s revelations regarding judiciary

Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has expressed deep concern over the revelations made by Former Attorney General Husnu-Al Suood regarding the influence of gangs over Maldivian judiciary.

Speaking during a press conference last Sunday, Suood, the President of Commission on Disappearances and Deaths, Husnu Al Suood voiced lack of hope of justice from the current judges at the Criminal Court, who he said were compromised by gangs.

He said the commission has received information uncovering a system of influence by gangs over judges and court staff to release suspects and influence rulings.

Suood said the commission also had information of appointment of judges nominated by gangs and existence of ‘quotas’ of judges to courts by separate gangs.

He also said the commission had information of backroom deals between gangs involved in murders in the middle of trial and influence over witnesses and perversion of witness testimony.

Following the comments by Suood, ruling MDP issued a press statement this Monday afternoon expressing deep concern over the situation.

The party said it found such practices a great obstruction to justice and protection of the rights of Maldivian citizens.

MDP also said it was the latest piece of alarming information fueling allegations of injustice and blatant disregard to rights by Maldivian courts made by both Maldivian citizens and the international community.

The party pledged its assistance to cleaning the court system and reform the Maldivian judiciary.

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