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MD Rizvee: Improving quality of Maldivian’s services ‘biggest priority’

The biggest priority of Island Aviation Services is to improve the quality of services by its national airline, Maldivian, which has been grossly overlooked the past 10 years, says the new Managing Director of Island Aviation Services.

Speaking in an exclusive interview to ‘Sun’, new MD Mohamed Rizvee said the management has overlooked a number of crucial factors related to Maldivian Airlines during the past 10 years.

He said that important work such as infrastructure development and improvement of the quality of service has been grossly overlooked, and said merely increasing its fleet wasn’t development.

“The fleet was hugely increased. But there’s no improvement to the company’s infrastructure. It was neglected,” said Rizvee.

Island Aviation Service’s headquarters is now situated on the Raiverige Building near Rasfannu, while several of its other offices are situated at the adjacent building, Dhaarul Eman.

Rizvee said his biggest mission as MD of Island Aviation Services is infrastructure development and improvement of the quality of services of Maldivian Airlines.

“This is the digital age. How customers can be reached digitally. The infrastructure needs to be developed. And a better work environment needs to be established for employees,” said Rizvee.

Maldivian Airlines currently operates two Airbus aircrafts, 10 Bombardier-8 aircrafts and 11 seaplanes.

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