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MCS launches raid at Maafushi Prison to find hidden weapons

Maldives Correctional Service has launched a search operation to find weapons hidden by inmates at Maafushi Prison.

Commissioner of Prisons, Abdulla Munaz announced the commencement of the search operation in a tweet this Sunday afternoon.

He said that the MCS made the decision to search the prison following ongoing destruction of CCTV cameras and assaults of prison officers by suspects on remand and inmates at several of the prison’s cells.

“A search operation on the cells to find the weapons being used in the assaults has commenced under the advisement of the Home Minister,” tweeted Munaz.

Munaz said the search operation is being conducted in the presence of the Inspector of Prisons as well as officials from Human Rights Commission of Maldives (HRCM).

He added that a police squad is on standby at K. Maafushi to lend assistance if necessary.

Munaz was summoned by Security and Bilateral Relations of the Parliament for questioning regarding clashes between prison officers and inmates at Maafushi Prison on June 20, last Saturday evening.

In response to questions by the committee, he confirmed that prison officers, following an attack on an officer by an inmate using an iron rod, used excessive force on inmates and trimmed their hair.

One prison officer and six inmates were treated for injuries following the clashes.

A commander of Maldives Correctional Service’s Emergency Support Group (ESG) has been suspended pending the outcome of the investigation into the incident. However, the officers who used excessive force on the inmates have yet to be officially identified.

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