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May Month Highlights on the Tourist Arrivals.

Ministry of Tourism have revealed that a total of 93,491 tourists arrived to Maldives during May month of this year; this is a 0.3% rise compared to last year’s May month which totaled to 93,228 tourist arrivals.

Statistics demonstrated by tourism ministry declared that there was a 1.5% decrease in the European market in May month this year compared to last year’s May month. Last year, 36,279 European tourists arrived, while this year it dropped to 35,739.

Looking into the oldest tourism market of Maldives, the United Kingdom (UK), Tourist arrivals decreased by 1.4%; 7,253 tourists arrived during last year’s May month which dropped to 7,151 this year. Moreover, Tourist Arrivals from Germany dropped from 10,141 to 8,746 in May month marking a 13.8% decrease. Additionally, tourist arrivals from France dropped from 2,286 to 2,161 marking a 5.5% decrease. Tourists arrivals from Italy, on the other hand increased by 14%; last May, 2,746 tourists arrived while it increased to 3,131 this year.

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