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Mariya: First firetruck arrived in under 6 minutes

MNDF officers at the scene of the fire in Henveyru district of Male’ City on September 20, 2019.(Photo/Sun/Ahmed Awshan Ilyas)

Defense Minister Mariya Ahmed Didi says the first firetruck arrived at the scene of the massive fire in Male’ City last Friday within six minutes.

The fire in Abadhahfehi Magu neighbourhood in Henveyru had raged through four chemical storage facilities and six residential buildings.

Speaking at a press conference in MNDF headquarters, Bandaara Koshi, this Saturday, Defense Minister Mariya said that the first report of the fire came in at 7:26 pm. And that the first firetruck had arrived at the scene by 7:32 pm.

“And all the vehicles arrived by 7:48 pm. Which is total 12 vehicles,” said Mariya.

Mariya noted that the narrowness of the street and the vehicles parked at the sides of the street made it impossible for the firetrucks to enter the neighbourhood affected by the fire without first stopping and moving the vehicles.

She said the first priority had been to rescue civilians.

“The first batch which entered the raging fire rescued three people,” said Mariya.

She commended the hard work of the more than 150 military officers who took part in the operation at peril to their own life and health.

“Seven buildings and four storage facilities were on fire. They included high-rises. What I have to say is, we did very well, especially in comparison to the resources available for such operations in many other parts of the world,” said Mariya.

The fire resulted in one casualty – Aisha Shauna from Th. Buruni – who had resided in an apartment in H. Randhuvaani Aage – the building directly opposite to H. Thilafusheegee – the building which housed the chemical storage facility the fire originated from.

Dozens were taken into the hospital for smoke inhalation, but no one sustained any serious injury.

433 people affected by the fire have registered for assistance with the National Disaster Management Authority.

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