Male City Council laments venue struggles for swearing-in ceremony

The city council of capital Male stated Sunday that a venue has still not been secured for the upcoming swearing-in ceremony of the newly elected councillors.

The deputy mayor of Male and council elect Shifa Mohamed declared that the council has been struggling to secure a venue in Male for a month but they are yet to succeed. With less than a week left for the swearing-in ceremony scheduled for coming Saturday, Shifa said that the council has applied a formal request at Ghiyasuddin International School and is expecting a reply Sunday.

Male City Council had first lobbied for a hall at Dharubaaruge convention centre to which the housing ministry had initially agreed, placing a rent of MVR 13,000 for the night. However, the government later decided against leasing the centre for the ceremony.

The council has since been looking into booking a hall at one of the schools. Most schools have objected to the council’s request as the education ministry has banned the leasing of school properties for political purposes. However, Shifa noted that the swearing-in ceremony does not count as a political activity.

She proclaimed that even if the council fails to secure a school hall, the swearing-in ceremony must take place according to schedule. Hence, an available chamber within the city council building will be used as a last resort.

“But regulations state that top government officials and others must be invited to the swearing-in ceremony. There won’t be enough space to accommodate all of them,” said Shifa.

Mihaaru was unable to receive a comment from the housing ministry regarding the issue.

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