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Maldivians spend USD 1000 for off-peak season holidays: MMA

Maldives Monetary Authority (MMA) revealed that Maldivians on average spend USD 1,000 on mid-year off-peak season holidays abroad.

MMA’s surveys conducted last year on Maldivian expenses depict that the highest amount was used for business and official trips overseas. Accordingly, the average for off-peak and peak seasons was USD 1,172 and USD 1,113 respectively.

An average amount of USD 1,003 and USD 880 was recorded for off-peak and peak season respectively for medical trips abroad.

The average amount of expenses for off-peak and peak season leisure holidays USD 1,085 and USD 890 respectively.

According to statistics, the highest amount of expenses were made during off-peak season. The survey also revealed that there were steady increments in expenses over the years since 2015.

The Maldivian expenses for off-peak season trips were USD 780.

Since the survey’s initiation in 2015, it has been conducted annually.

While 56 per cent of total travellers during a week in the off-peak season were surveyed, 66 per cent were inquired during a week in peak season last year.

Full details are available at the link below:

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