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Maldivians Don’t Deserve a Substandard Dictator

The Maldives is a strange place where its President Yameen Abdul Qayyoom thinks that all our problems can all be narrowed down to his educational qualification and his accomplishments. It irks him when people bastardize his “achievements” calling it an attempt to disparage his presidency. But the fact remains Yameen is an educated bandit who likes to be called an “economist”. A narcissistic despot who don’t want to see beyond himself. He takes pride in his educational background while belittling his political opponent Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

Yameen was pursuing his higher studies at the American University of Beirut. But at that same time period, Lebanon was at war. A large bomb wrecked the administration building of the American University of Beirut. The bomb believed to have been set off by pro-Iranian Muslim fundamentalists. According to an interview given to the New York Times by a spokesman for the University, several other buildings, including the school’s main library were damaged by the explosion. He also said the university’s main computer and student records were buried in the debris. So it is unsure if Yameen completed his studies or if he ended up being a situational college drop-out who had to run for his life.

PPM supporters vehemently keep bragging about Yameen’s educational qualification. But one should know education is not a measure of success. Nor it is a reason for a tyrant to remain in power. Did you know Former President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe is the world’s most educated dictator with 7 degrees of which two are Masters Degrees. Mugabe is a qualified teacher, he has a qualification in economics, he is a lawyer, he has a master of laws from the University of London International Programmes, he obtained a BA degree in 1951 from Fort Hare University in South Africa. Does this qualify him to lead a nation? No.

History is evident that most effective leaders didn’t even attend college. From Sir Winston Churchill, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and to Millard Fillmore who founded The University of Buffalo did not attend college. So what made them effective leaders? It was their sense of duty and responsibility. It was their astute leadership qualities. It was honesty and integrity. Luckily for us, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih is such a leader.

The opposite is the case for President Yameen. Being one of the most corrupt presidents Maldives have ever witnessed he is so overwhelmed by his own “achievements” and “educational background”. Even tends to ridicule students who cannot attain higher grades by labelling them as “substandard” who do not deserve a higher education. No Mr President. You are the substandard leader we don’t deserve. The Maldives need a president who can recognize experience, skills and abilities. Not a condescending Willy Wonka who think our education system is his own chocolate factory.

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