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Maldivian model’s death “a well-planned murder”: family

Raudha Athif, a medical student and Maldivian model, who was found dead in her hostel in Bangladesh: authorities have ruled her death a suicide according to the autopsy report but her family has raised suspicions that it was murder. PHOTO/INSTAGRAM

The family of Raudha Athif, the Maldivian model who was found dead in her hostel in Bangladesh, has decided to take the case of her death to court, declaring that there were too many discrepancies at the scene of the death and in the police investigation to accept that it was a “suicide” as stated in her autopsy.

According to Bangladeshi media, her autopsy report confirmed that her death was suicide by hanging. However, her family continues to reject the report, saying that there are far too many inconsistencies and suspicions surrounding her death which imply that she was murdered.

Her family has spoken out about the case and Raudha’s father Dr Mohamed Athif related several circumstances and signs the family noticed which led to their suspicions.

The meal Raudha cooked which was found on her stove after she was discovered dead in her room. PHOTO/ATHIF MOHAMED

The meal Raudha cooked which was found on her stove after she was discovered dead in her room. PHOTO/ATHIF MOHAMED

He described how the family found her hostel room after her death, noting that the curry Raudha had cooked earlier was still on the stove, leftover ingredients on the cutting board and the bottle of curry spice under her bed. He also claimed that the mirror on her wardrobe was damaged and nearly hanging off, while her broom was found broken into pieces. Declaring that his daughter was always an organised and tidy person, Dr Athif said that the state of her hostel room had raised suspicions of a violent incident from the beginning.

Dr Athif also referred to claims made by Raudha’s college, Islami Bank Medical College & Hospital, and other students that they had had to break down her door’s lock to enter her room, where she was found “hanging” from the ceiling with a scarf. However, her father claims that her family found no signs of forced entry.

Athif, who is a physician with a background in forensic medicine, went on to say that there were bruises from strangulation around her throat and marks from fingers on her face. Noting that the ligature mark on her skin did not match that of the scarf from which she was said to have been hanged, Dr Athif also stated that there had not been any dribbling of saliva around her mouth which is atypical due to a hanging.

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