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Maldives: Yameen ‘wins’ first floor-test against strong combine

Few days after signing an agreement to save Maldivian ‘sovereignty and democracy’, the combined Opposition lost the first floor-test in Parliament to President Abdulla Yameen on March 27. Chairing the session, Deputy Speaker ‘Reeko’ Moosa Manik declared the Opposition-initiated no-confidence motion against Speaker Abdulla Maseeh defeated by 48-0 with two abstentions.

The entire Opposition had walked out before the vote after the Chair declined the demand for electronic voting, and conceded the Yameen camp’s insistence on ‘roll-call’. The Opposition cited parliamentary procedures in this regard, but were over-ruled after the Leader of the House Ahmed Nihan blamed them for ‘hacking’ the electronic voting machine, rendering it unserviceable – a claim that remained unproved till the end.

As the Opposition pointed out, the result of the mandatory open-vote for authorising ‘roll-call’ on the no-trust motion included the names of Deputy Speaker Moosa Manik and independent MP, Ahmed Maloof, jailed for 25 years in a corruption case. The Opposition also objected to the Chair calling in personnel from the Maldivian National Defence Force (MNDF), the nation’s army, to remove the protesting members.

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