Maldives unlocks parliament gates, lawmakers still barred

MP Eva Abdulla and MP Ahmed Mahloof in front of Parliament door

MP Eva Abdulla and MP Ahmed Mahloof in front of Parliament door

The Parliament gates were finally unlocked on Tuesday though lawmakers still remain barred from entering the premises.

After locking up the four gates leading to parliament grounds on Monday, Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) had guarded the premises, only allowing administrative staff to enter the parliament before they were also ordered to leave later.

Despite unlocking the gates early Tuesday, MNDF officers in combat uniforms remain to guard the parliament grounds. Lawmakers have been allowed to enter the compound area of the parliament but not inside. The Special Protection Group (SPG) also remain in front of the main doors of Parliament.

On Monday, while MNDF and Police guarded the gates and held off lawmakers and other public citizens that gathered in the area, opposition lawmakers eventually forced past police barricades and entered the parliament building, some scaling the walls of the parliament grounds. MNDF and Police SO officers had followed soon to forcibly remove the lawmakers from the parliament chambers, ordering the administration staff to leave as well. The forced entry and subsequent removal of lawmakers resulted in various injuries to lawmakers.

Meanwhile, the Parliament Secretariat has stated that MNDF acted on its request as security measures needed to be strengthened due to various security concerns.

According to past practices, all statements of Parliament administration are publicised with the knowledge of its Secretary General. However, the incumbent Secretary General Ahmed Mohamed claims that the actions of  MNDF prior and after the entering of lawmakers happened without his knowledge, adding that he was also unaware of the statement issued by the secretariat claiming that the military acted as per the administration’s request.

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