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Maldives tourist arrival increases by a whopping 7% in November

By the end of November 2018, the tourist arrival has increased by 7% which achieves a total of 1,333,456 tourists in the year 2018. In regards to the statistics published from Maldives Immigration and other registered Tourism bodies, there has been an influx of 125,604 tourists in November alone. During this prosperous period, the highest number of tourists were attained from Europe with more than 600,000. This is a growth of 12.5% compared to that of 2017.

Moreover, the highest Tourist arrival per country was seen from China with 266,376 visitors which is a 7.1% decay. Furthermore, China leads as the top market for the Maldives with approximately 20% arrivals from China alone. Just below China are countries like Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, India, Russia, France, Japan, USA and Australia, who make up the top 10 markets for the Maldives.

The statistics highlight that the tourist arrivals increased in every country except China with 39.3% from Australia, 19.5% from France, 18.1% from Italy, 17.3% from Russia, 10.1% from the UK, 10% from the USA, 7.7% from India, 3.5% from Germany and 2.4% from Japan. Moreover, during this period, the total beds increased by 9.0% with an 8.4% increase in resort beds, 12.7% increase in guesthouse beds, 19.1% increase in hotel beds totalling 44,345 beds along with a 0.3% increase in safari accommodation capacity.

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