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Maldives tourism occupancy boosts by 2.2%

Tourism Ministry has confirmed Maldives tourism occupancy rate has gone up by 2.2% hitting a 67% so far in 2018.

According to tourism statistics released by the government body, the occupancy rate in the Maldives from January till May 2018 had reached a total of 67.4% which is a 2.2% bump from last year’s 52.4% during the same period.

While the occupancy rate has hiked in comparison to last year’s figures during the island nation tourism industry’s low-season, Maldives boasts a bed capacity of 42,680 whereas in 2017 the capacity reached 39,505 – marking a 5% bump.

Although the tourist visits in May had declined compared to the same period last year, the overall tourist visits to the Maldives from January till May had increased significantly reaching a total of 632,729 which is a 10.6% bump from the same period last year.

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Source URL: Google News

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