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Maldives to unveil Dhaalu atoll domestic airport next week

Aerial view of domestic airport developed in Dh. Kudahuvadhoo. PHOTO/DHAALU AIRPORT

The domestic airport being developed in the island of Kudahuvadhoo in Dhaal atoll will be unveiled in a week, announced the airport’s contractor Reollo Investment Pvt Ltd.

Named “Dhaalu Airport”, it is operated by Dhaalu Airport Holdings which reclaimed 62.81 hectares of land to develop the airport which features a runway of 1,800 metres. It is the first domestic airport to receive private jets in the Maldives with a capacity to accomodate 42 aircrafts simultaneously, including Dash-8 and ATR-72.

The government of the Maldives awarded the project to Reollo Investment in 2013. Reollo financed the whole project and the airport will be managed by Dhaalu Airport Holdings of which Reollo is a stakeholder.

A senior official of Reollo told Mihaaru on Sunday that the Civil Aviation Authority has completed its first audit of the airport. Reollo is now planning to conduct a test flight landing at the airport over the next few days.

“All the work has been completed for the airport. After the test flight, we’ll begin flight operations in a week or so. We’re now waiting for a reply from Civil Aviation. The final approval will be given after the test flight.”

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