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Maldives records seventh death due to COVID 19

Maldives recorded its seventh death due to COVID 19 today as the number of infections has risen to 1829 in the country. Four Maldivian locals and three Bangladeshi nationals are among the COVID related deaths so far. The number of Bangladeshi nationals tested positive in the Maldives, has reached 1,003, around 55 per cent of the total cases. There are 186 Indian nationals also tested positive in the island nation while Maldivians constitute around one-third of the cases.

At least 488 people have recovered bringing down the number of active cases to 1339. Bangladeshi nationals con statute the maximum number of construction workers and labourers staying in cramped spaces and are classified by authorities as vulnerable to the infection. Authorities have since begun working to transfer them to better living conditions and are repatriating them in groups under discussions with the Bangladeshi government.

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Source URL: Google News

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