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Maldives records 1.3 million tourists in 2017

Maldives tourism has reached new heights with the arrival of 1.3 million tourists in 2017.

In a statistics report published by the Ministry of Tourism, a total of 1,389,542 tourists have visited the Maldives in 2017, which is a 8% increase in tourist arrivals compared to 2016.

The Ministry has said that there has been an increase in the number of tourist arrivals from Europe as well as Asia, with 74,322 tourists from Europe, which is a 21.3% increase and 55,976 tourists from Asia and Pacific, which is a 17.9% increase compared to 2016.

According to this report, 143,041 tourists have entered in to the Maldives during December 2017.

Minister of Tourism, Mr Moosa Zameer has stated that a record number of tourists have visited the Maldives in December 2017.

“The most important thing I would like to highlight is that, according to our statistics report, a record number of tourists have arrived to the Maldives during December 2017, and historically, December 2017 has noted the most number of tourist arrivals in a month.” Minister stated.

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