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Maldives promotes with ‘blue hues’ at BOOT Fair

Maldives promotes the eccentric diving experience available from the Maldives in BOOT Fair at Dusseldorf, Germany.

Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) promotes Maldivian tourism in grandeur style in BOOT Fair at Dusseldorf, Germany.

MMPRC’s acting Managing Director Haris Mohamed along with Maldives Ambassador to Germany Jameela Ali will be leading a contingent of local corporations’ representatives promoting the country’s tourism industry at the fair.

The 21 square meter stall designated to the Maldives for promotions at the fair has been filled with cascading hues of blues and hints of whitewash resembling the crystal clear waters that the country is famous for internationally. Dubbed ‘Maldives Blue’ the underwater imagery resonates well with the country’s most prolific excursion; diving.

Recognized as one of the most successful global events targeted for water-sports and water-related excursions including diving, the BOOT Fair attracts nearly 18,000 visitors each year with as much as 60 different countries showcasing their vibrant products served under their domestic tourism.

The host nation, Germany is recognized as one of the leading tourist markets to the Maldives with most of the German holidaymakers identified as avid divers. It was recorded by Tourism Ministry that a total of 103,067 Germans visited the Maldives during 2017.

This is a bump of 4.3% in tourist count compared to the figure of 2016.

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