Maldives President “not interested” in Maumoon’s brand of progress: Minister

Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture Mohamed Shainee.

Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture Mohamed Shainee.

President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom is not looking to follow his half-brother and Former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom’s methods of bringing development to the nation, declared the Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture and the Co-Chair of the Economic Council, Dr Mohamed Shainee.

In the wake of Former President Maumoon calling on the government to come clean with its alleged plan to sell off parts of Faafu atoll to Saudi Arabia, the minister told Mihaaru late Wednesday that President Yameen’s vision is to bring swift development and progress to the Maldives.

Taking the ambitious development of Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital’s new 25 storey building as an example, Minister Shainee assured that the president will deliver the progress desired by citizens as long as external finances are available for the projects.

Criticising the lack of development in the Maldives during the three decades of Former President Maumoon’s presidency “while he just waited for funds to finance development projects”, Minister Shainee declared that the current president has no thoughts of pushing back national progress in a similar manner.

“That is the main reason why IGMH’s 25 storey building was awarded to a foreign firm for development.”

Minister Shainee described the opposition’s allegations regarding the development project of Faafu atoll as an attempt to obstruct the swift progress brought about by President Yameen. He declared that the president is looking to develop the nation as much as possible within the five years of his first term.

“Opposition parties cannot digest this and so they try to get in the way of his progress. We will not accept such attempts.”

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