Maldives pres in “a war from day one”

President Yameen (C) opens his new campaign hub for the Presidential Elections 2018.

President Yameen (C) opens his new campaign hub for the Presidential Elections 2018.

President Abdulla Yameen slammed the opposition late Monday for working to obstruct his administration from carrying out his promised manifesto for his first five-year term, describing his presidency as “a war from day one”.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of his campaign hub for the Presidential Elections 2018, the president declared that the enemies he has had to fight included his “closest brothers” such as vice presidents and cabinet ministers.

He stated that the one relief so far is the lack of an external attack on the Maldives.

“But I’ve faced bigger things than such,” he said, referring to the blast aboard the presidential speedboat in September 2015, which was a failed assassination attempt on him. “Such things are being done because they don’t want to keep a leader who follows principles,” added President Yameen, referring to opposition activities.

Following his harsh criticism of the joint opposition for impeding the works of the government, President Yameen declared that countering each and every claim of politicians is not on his “daily menu”.

Stating that representatives from the ruling Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) will be in-charge of political statements instead, the president proclaimed that his time until the presidential elections next year will be spent on carrying out his agenda to bring about the progress and development promised to the people.

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