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Maldives police affirms unity within ranks

Maldives Police affirmed they will not be hindered by outside influences. | Photo: Ahmed Shurau/Avas

Maldives Police Service has affirmed the department was not riddled with rifts and conflicts but rather the officers employed under the authority were firmly united against opposing forces.

This is a direct retaliation to a video spreading through social media platforms recently with three balaclava laden individuals donning police Special Operations unit uniforms warned authorities they will attempt to usurp the regime if their demands are not met.

Police media officer Ahmed Shifan on Thursday stated the department was stronger in their resolve and no outside forces can breach the mutual trust shared within its ranks.

He also noted the desperate attempt to create unrest within the police department and public by releasing videos would not amount to any substantial outcome.

Shifan had also highlighted Wednesday night’s opposition-led protest at the main road of capital Male’. According to the officer, the demonstration at prime road created a nuisance for various business owners, pedestrians and even the traffic.

According to Maldives police, 15 individuals were arrested during Wednesday night’s demonstrations.

Commenting on the scheduled protest for Friday by the opposition, Shifan asserted the anti-government movement’s attempt to topple the government will be countered efficiently by police service.

He also affirmed there had been no formal requests to hold demonstrations on Friday.

Ever since the Maldives Supreme Court ordered the release of nine arbitrarily detained prisoners including former president Mohamed Nasheed, on February 1, the opposition had continued multiple demonstration events.

While many of the earlier protests had been peaceful officers of Maldives Police Service had intervened the events resulting in violent confrontations leading to injuries on both ends.

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