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Maldives planning to be part of Commonwealth once again

After 34 fruitful years of being part of The Commonwealth, on October 16th of 2013, Maldives left the organization due to the fear of suspension after the arresting of political leaders, the making of unjust laws and more.

5 years later, the decision to reapply was made by our current President, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and was announced in his royal speech given yesterday, in the ceremony where he took his oath as the President of Maldives for the next 5 years. According to the president, we will be applying within a week.

In addition to this, we will also be working on improving the relationships between the Maldives and other countries. “Whichever countries that assist in the development projects in our country and the countries that are interested, will be given a chance to improve the relationships between the respective countries. ” says, President.

In order for our country to keep developing, it is essential for it to happen. As long as our country remains peaceful, serene, there is no reason why  The Commonwealth won’t allow us to be part of the organization again.

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