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Maldives opposition meets with UN

Opposition Delegation

Opposition delegation meeting with Miroslav Jenča

The opposition has met with Miroslav Jenča, the Assistant Secretary-General for the United Nation’s Political Affairs, in an attempt to find a solution to the parties and government not being able to come together for peaceful all-party talks.

The meeting was held at the UN’s headquarters in New York. During the meeting, the opposition shared their concerns on why discussions have not started.

Former foreign minister Mohamed Naseem, former president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom’s lawyer Maumoon Hameed and Adhaalath Party’s international relations committee’s chair Shidathaa Shareef were among the opposition’s delegation.

The delegation requested the UN’s assistance to commence talks with the government. The opposition wants the discussions to be held with UN in attendance; however it is rumored that the government had informed the UN that their attendance was not required.

After meeting with the opposition, the UN Political Affairs tweeted that the government of the Maldives needed to come to a solution for the current status of the country along with the opposition political parties. They added that they are ready to aid in any possible way to make this happen.

The international community has been repeatedly calling on the government to end the state of emergency and to resolve the internal issues within the country.

The opposition has conditioned the government to end the state of emergency and to involve the UN in order to start the talks. However, the government has stated that it will not take part in any discussions if the opposition is bringing initial conditions to the discussion table.

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