Maldives: Opposition candidate Ibrahim Mohammed Solih says, he will work for stability of Indian Ocean region

In the Maldives, opposition candidate Ibrahim Mohammed Solih has said that he will work for the stability of Indian Ocean region and improve relations with India if he is elected to President’s office. Addressing an election meeting in Colombo this evening, Mr Solih said he will also work towards improving relations with countries like Iran and Qatar.

Mr Solih is the common candidate for the Joint opposition, a grouping of four parties. He asserted of having people’s support and winning the elections against President Abdullah Yameen who is facing allegations of rigging the elections. The opposition candidate said that corruption is the main issue in the elections scheduled for 23rd of next month. Mr Solih is in a straight contest with President Yameen, who is seeking re-election for a second term.

The government of Mr Yameen has been accused of falsely implicating several opposition leaders including former President Mohammed Nasheed and disqualifying them for contesting the polls.

Maldives elections commission has claimed of conducting free and fair polls while European Union has warned that it will consider imposing targeted sanctions on individuals involved in undermining the fairness of the elections. Sri Lankan capital of Colombo has a big Maldivian diaspora and will have a polling centre.

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